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A true food experience

Your private chef to discover the most authentic taste of Italy at your home

My name is Michelangelo and I have always had a great passion for good food.

Born and raised in Italy, with a family culinary heritage between Bologna and Naples (considered by many the two best cities in Italy for food), I was lucky enough to learn the importance of eating well, not only as personal nourishment, but also as pure enjoyment for the senses.

This is why I call myself as a true Epicurean Chef.

My life has been an interesting and exhilarating experience that I want to share with the people who love my Country and the joy of exceptional food.

I will bring you the best of the Italian cuisine, traditional and contemporary, literally made from scratch using the freshest ingredients (preferably organic and local), so you and your guests will savor the most authentic and genuine taste of Italy in the best Italian restaurant in town: your home.

Take a few moments to get to know me better and to learn what I do and do not hesitate to contact me for any other questions you may have: I will be very happy to design the perfect menu for you and your guests.

Buon Appetito!


Chef Michelangelo
Italian Private Chef in Los Angeles



Chef Michelangelo | Authentic Italian Chef

About me...

My story is simple and authentic, like the land I come from, the Emilia Romagna region, located in the heart of northern Italy.

I was born in Bologna, a town that is effervescent, easygoing, culturally and...



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Culanary parties

What my Guests say about me

"Michelangelo knows how to cook a proper, authentic Italian meal. Traditional dishes are simple, but when done right, it is filled with class and flavor. My favorite dish was the homemade gnocchi. You could taste the labor of love. He offered seconds - I wish I could have eaten more but my stomach was too full. The freshly made strawberry sauce was so delicious, I nearly wanted to drink the bottle. Instead, I drizzled it over my panna cotta multiple times."

- Annie

"Chef Michelangelo was awesome! Such a fun experience for my girlfriend and I. Making delicious pasta with insightful tips and stories not to mention the sheer generously of Chef Michelangelo's character. He made the entire morning a birthday she will never forget and it was so fun!"

- Ryan

"Such an amazing experience. The food was amazing, the experience of having him come cook was even better. Made our night perfect. Worked with us to create the perfect menu, the food was like we were eating in Italy. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed everything about Chef Michelangelo. He had a great personality, great sense of humor, and was clean, neat, and extremely professional. We definitely plan on utilizing him again in the very near future."

- Levi

"Chef Michelangelo gave us an authentic Italian food experience. The food exceeded my expectations, and I would definitely dine with him again. The presentation of the dishes was professionally done, and his kitchen and place were very clean. I highly recommend him."

- Jenny

"Michelangelo was excellent! He was quick to respond, arrived promptly, and was very professional! His food was delicious and had a beautiful presentation. We had his pre-planned menu and it was authentic Italian yummy food! We would highly recommend Michelangelo!"

- Karen

"Michelangelo prepared a dinner for 5 to celebrate my parents' 60th wedding anniversary. He's a delight to experience, very personable, and he shared stories of the food and his growing up in Italy. His food is heavenly. His home made pasta was better than any other home made pasta I've had. It had just the perfect bite and the ragu was delicious. His brushetta transcended simple, moving it to amazing, and we're still talking about it today. His filet mignon was so tender, it melted - not need for steak knives or any type of knife! at all. His salad was dressed with just the liquids from the vegetables, resulting in the freshest salad ever. Throughout the courses, he gave us tips and all in all, we had the perfect evening. I can't wait to do it again!"

- Carole

"What's not to say about Chef Michelangelo?! I loved his personality the minute I heard his voice. He is full of enthusiasm and genuine love for food. The meal he coached us to make was the best I've had all year (fresh-made spinach and ricotta ravioli with a butter sage sauce). Michelangelo is very proud and passionate about his authentic Italian cooking style and really teaches you to cook with the flavors you love most, understanding that everyone has a different pallet. He is patient and encouraging, I'd recommend him to anyone. Truly a pleasure!"

- Ashley

"This was the first time we had a chef come to our home to prepare a meal. It was a special occasion as we had a total of eight people, four of whom were celebrating December birthdays. We intended this dinner to be a birthday/Christmas gift to our friends and to my wife who is one of the birthday celebrators. Chef Michelangelo was an excellent choice for us. He communicated well and promptly before meeting with us. He met us at our home to plan the meal, taking his time and great care to understand what we wanted to accomplish and make suggestions. He has a great personality, of course, he's Italian! Chef Michelangelo is also very aware of the food he prepares and selects only those ingredients he feels will meet the expectations of him and his clients. He made suggestions for wines that we purchased to pair with the meal. He arrived on time the day of the party and went right to work. He took care of everything, the shopping for food, preparation, serving, timing, and cleanup of the food preparation pots, pans, etc. Chef was very concerned that our dinner party be a success and, in his words, "everything must be perfect". We were NOT disappointed. The meal was wonderful, the time was perfect, and our guests had possibly the most fun dining experience to date.We felt as if we had been transported to Italy and were experiencing an authentic Italian meal. We're all still talking about how good the food was and what a pleasure it was meeting the Chef and enjoying his dinner. We HIGHLY recommend Chef Michelangelo! Thank you Chef!"

- Rick